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sarah king

Sarah King - I’m Gonna Lock My Heart (and Throw Away the Key)

Sarah King - I’m Gonna Lock My Heart (and Throw Away the Key)


who is this broad?

...drumroll please...

Sarah King is champagne. A charming, flirtatious clown, Sarah delights her audiences with an effortless voice that tickles notes, time traveling from the 1920s-40s. She has sung and danced her way from crowded subway platforms and smokey speakeasies to secret parades and abandoned water towers,  from the hilltops of France, to the beaches of Brazil, from The Boom Boom Room to Lincoln Center.


Sarah performs standout interpretations of old music, from straight-ahead jazz to traditional jazz classics. Her easy, breezy delivery, quirky sense of humor and exuberant, bubbly stage presence — always with a touch of silliness! — has made her a well respected member of New York’s jazz community. For the last decade, Sarah has held down a weekly residency singing at the Top of the Standard Hotel, with her trio (aka The Smoke Rings), whilst finding time to tramp around the world with Hungry March Band, immersed in street performance and dance. Sarah produced her first studio album this year and it is set to be released in 2021.

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