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where'd she get it? stage fright here...

Sarah’s roots are in song, dance and theater, and she earned her BFA in acting at Marymount Manhattan College. She is a seasoned street performer, from her modest beginnings playing the ukulele in subway stations and winning underground dance contests. She soon found herself galavanting across the globe to South America and Europe with Hungry March Band, a circusy brass band with a majorette section. A pianist found her with a ukulele in 2011 and that started her singing career. She joined the cast of Sleep No more in 2013, where she played one of the jazz singers.


Since she was just a kiddo , Sarah’s been singing and tap dancing for friends and family, transforming living rooms into stages, performing for large groups of amazed onlookers. Before she could even read, she found herself enamored by the likes of Duke Ellington, Judy Garland and Julie Andrews. When she discovered songs by Charlie Chaplin and Billie Holiday in movies, she would rewind them and play them over and over again. The melodies of this era pierced her soul, and warmed her ears. She idolized Shirley Temple. Her renditions of timeless songs never fail to dazzle her audience, who always seem to ask "How'd you learn to do that?" 

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